LTD Design(HK)Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive design company providing high-quality Interior design, Furnishings & Decoration Design and art consultant for Greater China and customers around the world.

The company was registered in Hong Kong, headquartered in Shenzhen, the company has a team of professional architectural and interior designers, it is one of the outstanding interior design companies in China.

The company is developing domestic and overseas business, and successfully participate in the completion of numerous projects, and achieved certain results.

Interior design project including Show flats, Sales Office,Villa,exclusive shop, Clubhouse, Residential, Offices, Retail, Shopping Malls, Hospitality and Restaurants.

Practical oriented, sentiment of space
People oriented, people as the subject of space, through the senses to achieve harmonious relationship between man and space.

Professional - Rooted from High-quality design, professional management team, combined with the experience of interior design and furnishings design, we represent the essence of the excellence of design, and complement customers.
Lead by the professional design team, cooperate with art, furniture, lighting, materials consultants, to provide professional design services and consultancy services for clients.